Rehna Raiya Foundation

The Rehna Raiya Foundation advances empowerment & educational success for youth through sponsorship & funding to educational & charitable programs and organizations.

Since Raiya (6 years old) & Rehna (5 years old) were born, their mom Neetu Jhaj made a commitment that every birthday & Christmas would be an opportunity for the family to give back to the community. These are the roots & values that the foundation were founded on.

Non-profits & community giving programs that have benefitted from the Rehna Raiya Foundation include Global Family & the Global Family Daughter Project, community food banks & homeless shelters, center for disabled children, CASA, & many more.  

On each respective birthday & on Christmas, in lieu of gifts for themselves, the Jhaj girls (Rehna and Raiya Jhaj) & their parents Rick & Neetu Jhaj donate to various non-profits with the goal of empowering and educating youth.

We look forward to continuing our mission & growing our reach in order to help spread awareness to hopefully inspire others to help one another.